Looking After Your Outdoor Space

The Guilty Living series is designed to be well maintained and ideal for year-round outdoor living. Stick to these advice to maintain the best possible condition for your furniture.


Completely waterproof, Guilty Living items are perfect for year-round outdoor living. Although over time, natural materials like wood may acquire a patina, this only adds to their inherent beauty. Although our furniture is designed to withstand all year-round outside weather, keeping it indoors when not in use helps extend its life.

Please find below some care instructions to keep your Guilty Living goods in top condition. Use of Guilty Living Shine Cleaners and Protectors is advised for best results.


Maintenance on these buildings is minimal. Using regular cleaning products, clean the frames and gutters; a jet wash is another option.


Long stretches of time spent with items on the tables might discolour them. Never set hot things down right on the table. Coasters and table mats might help to avoid any harm.


Unbox and give teak products a full day to settle. Apply Wood Protector after cleaning with our Wood Cleaner and letting it dry for the best results. Teak and Grandis Eucalyptus should be cleaned with Guilty Living Wood Cleaner and plenty of water. Wood will eventually naturally become warm grey. Apply Guilty Living Wood Protector to prolong the original colour.


If cleaning your cushions, use Guilty Living Shine care products or follow the care instructions. Though cushions resist water, extended exposure may dampen the interior stuffing. Dry cushions well and, after a particularly strong downpour, wipe off any extra water. To avoid discoloration, never leave anything on cushions. Over time, cushions might get wrinkly and soften. Turn, fluff, and clean them often to keep their form and quality.


We advise using Guilty Living Shine Cleaners and Protectors to take care of your Guilty Living products. These items have been designed especially to be used safely and successfully on our outdoor living range. Steer clear of abrasive and aggressive cleansers. Weathering or mould on covered furniture may leave it permanently stained. When approaching your outdoor furniture with fire, hot items, oils, and fats, use caution. Clear up any spills, bird droppings, and damp leaves right away.


In the outdoor living industry, our natural goods are among the finest. Installation done correctly and upkeep is crucial. We are always happy to provide advise and make sure your natural products work as well as possible.


Our selection of premium outdoor living goods is wide. If you would like help with any product’s warranty, please get in touch with us. Our firm is built on quality and dependability, which guarantee you the greatest outdoor living solutions.

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