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At Guilty Living, we hold a steadfast belief that the essence of luxury outdoor living extends far beyond mere furnishings; it involves the thoughtful curation of unforgettable experiences and the meticulous crafting of tranquil retreats in the comfort of your own backyard. Our journey began with a straightforward yet deeply impactful mission: to revolutionize the concept of outdoor living by offering an exclusive selection of meticulously chosen, exquisite furnishings and accessories that elevate each moment spent in the open air.

Our passion for luxury outdoor living emanates from a deep-seated admiration for the inherent beauty of nature, which merges flawlessly with our commitment to refined design and unparalleled comfort. We view outdoor spaces as precious sanctuaries—places where memories are created, relationships are strengthened, and moments of tranquility are deeply cherished. In pursuit of this vision, we strive to infuse elegance and sophistication into our carefully curated collections, ensuring that each piece resonates with our high standards and enhances the outdoor living experience.

Some popular FAQs

In simple terms, no! According to the council’s planning team, a pergola is classified as a temporary structure, eliminating the need for planning permission as long as it stands below 2.5 meters in height and doesn’t occupy more than half of the available outdoor space. 

Absolutely not! Aluminum pergolas offer the advantage of expanding your home’s rear area by at least 270 square feet, all without the hassle of seeking planning permission or consulting with your local council. As long as the pergola remains under 2.5 meters in height (which is the case for all of ours) and doesn’t encroach upon more than 50% of your garden, you’re good to go! 


Once again, the answer is no! Our pergolas are meticulously designed to conform to height and width regulations, allowing you to install them freestanding or attached to your home without the headache of planning permission complications, regardless of whether they have a roof or sides! 

Considering the substantial investment, you might be wondering how long your pergola will endure. The fantastic news is that aluminium pergolas are engineered to last well beyond a decade. 

The pergola can be personalised with a variety of accessories, such as retractable screens, integrated heating systems, and enchanting LED lighting, allowing you to tailor the ambiance to your preferences. 

Aluminum pergolas are incredibly versatile in terms of permanence. They are firmly anchored in solid footings, typically made of concrete, ensuring their stability and resistance to wind speeds of up to 120 kmph (that’s quite a bit of wind!). However, if you choose to relocate, disassembling the pergola is a breeze, making it lightweight and easy to transport for re-installation elsewhere. Your pergola isn’t tied to a single home, so it can accompany you for years to come, even if you decide to move. 

Not at all! Aluminum pergolas require minimal maintenance. Leave the pressure washer in the garage, and simply use a cloth with some soapy water every few months to keep your pergola frame looking brand new. 

It is important to find out how much coverage your home insurance offers when it comes to protecting your outdoor assets, like an aluminum pergola. Exploring all available options ensures that you can create a stunning outdoor oasis that enhances your home’s aesthetics and functionality while having peace of mind knowing your investment is protected. 

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